The Art and Commerce of Film

SWAMP’s Business of Film + New Media Conference will now be a series of monthly workshops that will explore the art and commerce of cinema and new media with working industry professionals and filmmakers.

The Business of Film Series is dedicated to strengthening the business, administrative, legal and marketing skills of independent filmmakers and the production team. With the independent film world changing daily, it’s vital to be informed about current trends in the production and distribution of film.

Whether you are an emerging filmmaker or an experienced producer, the Business of Film Series is for you. Filmmaking is a business and film production, documentary or narrative, is a journey that you can’t make effectively or efficiently without dealing with the reality of the business. Learn about the back office aspects of production, such as copyright, contracts, budgeting, insurance, and other essentials.

Experts in the field will talk about current trends as well as the future of independent filmmaking. Meet fellow filmmakers! Discover new resources! It will all be here for you to seize the day and follow your passion.

The next Business of Film and New Media workshop is January 18, 2020.

Screenwriting Basics

The very, Very Basics of a Good screenplay

January 18, 2020 | 1:00 Pm – 3:30 pm

at The Art Institute Houston, 4140 Southwest Freeway

Join us for a (too short) workshop on screenwriting basics! We will look at sections of  a few well written screenplays and go over screenwriting software, formatting basics, basic structure and script elements. If there is time, we will do a few character creation exercises at the end. Feel free to come with questions.

About Randee Ramsey:

Randee Ramsey holds an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. She currently teaches Screenwriting at The Art Institute of Houston. Her films have played at film festivals around the country and she has sold two features before leaving LA for the Middle East where she taught at the Australian University, Kuwait.

This workshop is free to our current members and free if you renew or sign up!! Email for the code.