SWAMP’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program allows media artists to access foundation and government grant funding that may only be accessible to nonprofit organizations or fiscally sponsored projects.


A. Program Description

The Southwest Alternate Media Project, Inc. (SWAMP) is a non-profit organization with Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. SWAMP’s mission is to promote “the creation and appreciation of film, video, and new media as art forms of a multicultural community.”

SWAMP’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program allows media artists to access foundation and government grant funding that may only be accessible to nonprofit organizations or fiscally sponsored projects. It also provides the incentive to donors that their contribution to the project is a charitable deduction for income tax purposes. SWAMP’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program does not fund the sponsored projects. Instead, SWAMP acts as a nonprofit umbrella organization for media artists who are seeking to raise funds and require nonprofit status to do so.

The primary requirement for sponsorship through SWAMP’s fiscal sponsorship program is that the project must have a creative, an educational or a charitable purpose, consistent with SWAMP’s mission. Fiscally sponsored projects must be noncommercial.

As a fiscal sponsor, SWAMP accepts and administers donations made to sponsored projects, disburses the funds as necessary, keeps a separate ledger for all funds accepted for the individual projects, and makes records of such transactions available to those who might require it. SWAMP maintains these records in the form of account status reports and other disclosures required by grant guidelines and/or federal law. SWAMP is legally responsible for the funds it receives on behalf of these projects and must insure that the funds are used for charitable activities. The project director(s) retain rights to the completed production.

SWAMP charges a 7.5% administrative fee for any monies received through its Fiscal Sponsorship Program. This fee covers the cost of SWAMP’s management of donations (including costs associated with bookkeeping, check distribution, fiscal reporting to funders, inclusion on SWAMP’s web site, donations accepted through its web site and ongoing technical assistance).

B. Eligibility/Application

To be considered, a project must be considered a “non-commercial” work (that is, able to be financed by personal funds, donations, grants, corporate sponsorship, in-kind donations, etc., but not by offering investment for profit) and should be consistent with SWAMP’s mission. Installation and performance projects also may be considered for sponsorship. Projects in these areas must reflect a major emphasis on film or video elements, and key personnel must have a film or video background.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. There is no deadline.  Applications will be reviewed by the Sponsored Project Committee on a quarterly basis every year on these dates: March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1.

To apply for sponsorship, SWAMP requires that media artists make an initial inquiry by submitting an email outlining the nature of the proposed project. Based upon this initial review, the applicant will be notified to complete the SWAMP Fiscal Sponsorship Application Cover Sheet (see link below) AND provide the following information as a PDF document:

  • A detailed project description
  • A detailed budget, including projected income and expenses
  • Resumes of key personnel (i.e., Producer, Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor)
  • Project timeframe
  • Submission of representational work (i.e., a video sample of either the proposed sponsored project or of a past project of the applicant, via Vimeo or YouTube)
  • A list of proposed funding sources and a description of fundraising strategies


At least one of the project’s directors must have a Social Security, Employer Identification or Independent Taxpayer Identification Number, or some other type of Internal Revenue Service registration.

A $50 application fee is required along with the application package. This $50 fee will also go towards a one-year individual Filmmaker Access membership to SWAMP for the main project director. The application fee is not refundable if the project does not meet the program guidelines.


Initial inquiries and applications (including representational work) should be sent via email to sponsoredprojects@swamp.org or by mail to SWAMP/Fiscal Sponsorship Program, 3400 Main St., Ste. 284, Houston, TX 77002. Please write “SWAMP Fiscal Sponsorship Program” on the subject line of the email.

Applicants will be notified whether the project is accepted or declined within ninety (90) days of SWAMP’s receipt of the COMPLETE application package.

Use this application form (if requested to do so) after an initial inquiry is submitted to SWAMP.

SWAMP FISCAL SPONSORSHIP APPLICATION FORM (link not working and will be restored 2/1/17)


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